God’s Strength for His Church – Pastor Chris Strevel

Pastor Chris Strevel

Our Lord Jesus preserves us from Satan’s lies and attacks by the full armor of God he calls us to don and use. Through this armor, we are ever protected by the invincible power of God, who makes us stand strong in the evil day.

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God’s Benediction for His Church – Pastor Bob Lester

Pastor Bob Lester

What would you have the Apostle Paul pray on your behalf in troubling times? For the Ephesian church, Paul humbly prayed for a spiritual power, a spiritual presence, and a spiritual perception that blessed them with persevering grace. In these troubling times, maybe we ought to be praying for the same things!

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How the Church Leads Families and Businesses – Pastor Richard Hicks

Pastor Richard Hicks

1. The responsibility of the church to guide its families .
2. The fundamental order of the family.
3. The nature of relations within the family: parent and child relations; master and servant relations.
summary: God has established an order within the family that should reflect a biblical commitment to our Father and Master in Heaven.

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Christ and His Bride, A Pattern for Marriage – Pastor Jess Stanfield

Pastor Jess Stanfield

Do you have a solid understanding of the marriage covenant? Have you ever taken the time to study Paul’s view of marriage found in Ephesians 5:22-33? If you have, you will enjoy being reacquainted with these timeless truths. If not, you are going to be in for a true spiritual feast. The Apostle Paul sets before you a true banquet of Christ. All who truly take the time to consider his wisdom on the matter will take their marriage to another level of sweetness and joy. Once you are exposed to Paul’s Christ-centered view of matrimony, all other marriage philosophies will seem like cheap and shallow imitations because … they really are!

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Is Church Membership Biblical? – Pastor John Otis

Pastor John Otis

Search the Scripture and you will not find specific vows administered for membership in a local church per se. Does this mean our practice of administering membership vows is against the Scripture? The answer is: No, it is not unbiblical for elders to administer membership vows. Learn why.

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