Friday, June 20th‘s schedule has changed slightly due to a scheduling conflict with Bluefield college. Please check the updated schedule below (events highlighted in Bold Font are scheduled to be live streamed at the marked times).

7am – 8am: Breakfast
8:30am: Jeff Black – Praying for Help in Times of Trouble (Psalm 34)
10:30am: Bob Lester – Praying for the Glory of God in the Salvation of the Church (John 17)
12:00 – 1pm: Bill Potter – Prayer and the History of America
1pm – 2pm: Lunch
2pm – 3pm: Q&A Time
3pm – 5pm: Fellowship & Activity time
5pm – 6pm Dinner
7pm: Chris Strevel – Praying for the Return of the Lord Jesus and the Growth of His Kingdom Until Then (Rev. 22:20, Phil. 3:14, 20-21)
9pm: Folk Dance

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